Masjid in Japan “Masjid FAROOQ-E-AZAM” 〜Information of mosque & prayer room〜

Masjid in Japan “Masjid FAROOQ-E-AZAM” 〜Information of mosque & prayer room〜

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Assalam alaikum, I am Stella. Thank you for your interest in my blog.

Japan is engaged in various activities for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic.

Recently, the number of tourists from Islamic regions such as Indonesia and Malaysia has increased in Japan.

However, the prayer room for Muslims does not increase. I think the problem is that Japan is not kind to Muslims.

Last time, I introduced the Hatoyama mosque. Today I will introduce Japanese mosques. The name is “Masjid FAROOQ-E-AZAM”

Let’s go!

Masjid FAROOQ-E-AZAM in Kawagoe-City

What is Kawagoe-City?

Kawagoe city is a old town about an hour by train from Tokyo. There are many traditional Japanese buildings. It is a historic city that lasts hundreds of years.

On the other hand, this city has a different face.

It is a golf venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

Kawagoe is known as the Olympic host venue.

Kawagoe has a growing number of tourists, but there is no Halal restaurant there.



The mosque is located on the outskirts of Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

space of salat

About 33 square meters of salat space has a feeling of opening.

space of wudu

wudu space is simple. As you go up the stairs there is a water supply.

Where is the Masjid FAROOQ-E-AZAM?

○address:361-1, Osemba, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama (埼玉県川越市大仙波361-1)


|Tobu Tojo Line (東武東上線)
・Kawagoe station (川越駅) ーGet off 
|walk 3 minutes
・Seibu Bus ーBoarding
|Bus 6 minutes
・Kosenba-Machi 4-chome bus stop (小仙波四丁目)ーGet off
|walk 6 minutes 
・Masjid Hatoyama

Rental of bicycles is possible at Kawagoe Station.


This mosque has no people at salat time.Al-Jumua may have people.

You can pray in the mosque when visiting Kawagoe for sightseeing.

You can make friends by going to the mosque. Even if you are not a Muslim, you are welcome if you are interested.

I’m sorry my English is bad.

Thank you.

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