Masjid in Japan “Sano Masjid” ~information of mosque & prayer room~

Masjid in Japan “Sano Masjid” ~information of mosque & prayer room~

Assalam alaikum, I’m Stella. Thank you for your interest in my blog.

Do you know Sano-city? Sano-city is located in Tochigi. The city has a large and cheap shopping mall where tourists visit.

Prayer rooms are important for tourists from Islamic countrys. Sano has a big mosque.

Today, I introduced the Masjid Sano.

Let’s go!!!!!

What is Sano Masjid?

Another name is Masjid al-Ikhlas Sano.

This mosque is located in Sano-City, Tochigi-prefecture. The owner is Indonesian. You can use English, Bahasa Indonesia and Japanese.

Space of wudu

This is wudu space.

There is no hot water. However, the water supply is cleanliness and good design.

4 people can wash their bodies.

Space of salat

This is salat space.

Maybe about 150 people can pray.

The room is hot because there are few air conditioners.


・Adress: 116-1, Horigome-cho, Sano-City, Tochigi prefecture(栃木県佐野市堀米町116-1)

・5 minute walk from Sano station on the JR Ryomo-line or Tobu Sano-line.

・Parking: 4

My YouTube channel conveys mosque information in video.

The video is in English and Bahasa Indonesia. youtube

Thank you.


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