Masjid in Japan “Moroyama Masjid” ~information of mosque & prayer room~

Masjid in Japan “Moroyama Masjid” ~information of mosque & prayer room~

Assalam alaikum, I’m Stella. Thank you for your interest in my blog.

Do you know Moroyama-town? Moroyama-town is located in Saitama.

This town has a wonderful mosque. The name is Moroyama Masjid.

Today, I introduced the Moroyama masjid.

Let’s go!!!

What is Moroyama Masjid?

Moroyama Masjid is located in Moroyama-town, Saitama.

Another name is Tablaigh Masjid.

This building was originally an apartment. It was made by remaking the apartment.

You can use English, Japanese and Arabic.

Space of wudu

Wudu space is not clean.

I recommend entering with your shoes on.

Space of Salat

This is salat space.

It can accommodate over 100 people.

The air conditioner is comfortable in summer and winter.


  • Addles: 128, Ichiba, Moroyama, Saitama
  • 10 minute walk from Kawakado station on the Tobu Ogose Line
  • parking: about 10

Thank you.


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